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  • How can towels be woven with my logo?
    How can towels be woven with my logo?

    Fabrics produced with jacquard weaving can range from simple patterns to elaborate designs, making them versatile for a variety of applications such as clothing, upholstery and home decor. The term “Jacquard woven” emphasizes the specific weaving technique that uses a Jacquard loom in textile making. Jacquard weaving uses high-quality materials and production methods. This results in towels that feel durable, soft and luxurious. They maintain their quality and aesthetics even after repeated...

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  • Are organic towels good promotional gifts?
    Are organic towels good promotional gifts?

    Bio handdoeken bedrukken staat gelijk aan het combineren van duurzaamheid en stijl in één stijlvol product. Of u nu een startup-mode merk bent dat op zoek is naar onderscheidende giveaways, of een milieubewuste organisatie die haar ecologische voetafdruk wil verkleinen, het bedrukken van biologische katoenen handdoeken kan een uitstekende oplossing bieden. De bio badhanddoeken zijn vervaardigd uit premium biologisch katoen dat een hoger niveau van textielstandaard biedt in vergelijking met de...

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  • The benefits of printed beach towels
    The benefits of printed beach towels

    There are numerous benefits to beach towel printing, making it a popular choice for both personal use and business promotional purposes. One of the biggest advantages is that you can customize the design yourself. Whether you want to showcase your company logo, share a specific message, or even present a photo, everything is possible. You can include printing or you can choose to leave them standard. It's about you being in control.

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  • Welcome to Hidalgo
    Welcome to Hidalgo

    Hidalgo Bags and More has been around since 1993 and our specialty is bags, water bottles, shakers and sports towels. Our head office is located in the Netherlands. Here the sales team provides advice, the graphics department is busy designing and we are happy to welcome you to our showroom. In the early years, Hidalgo was only active on the Dutch market, but we now work with more than 1,800 customers in 16 countries.

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  • Which file can I upload my logo?
    Which file can I upload my logo?

    We work with a number of different types of files. We ask for this to guarantee optimal printing. .Ai, .EPS, .PDF, .PSD, .JPEG, .PNG. Here you will find more information about these file formats, what they mean and how we would like them delivered.

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  • Hammam Towels as promotional items?
    Hammam Towels as promotional items?

    There is no longer any need to settle for generic hammam towels. Thanks to our unique hammam towel printing service, you can now print your hammam towels to your own taste and distinguish them from others. Whether you want to print them with your initials, a special message or a unique design, the choice is yours. Printing hammam towels is the perfect way to show what makes you unique.

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  • How can my logo be printed on bath towels?
    How can my logo be printed on bath towels?

    For all lovers of personal style and quality, we offer a large selection of towels that you can print. From bathroom towels to beach towels, there is something for everyone in our shop. We believe that printed towels are not only functional, but can also be a stylish expression of your personality. With a beach towel printing you can make a statement on the beach this summer.

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  • Why customize sports towels?
    Why customize sports towels?

    If you are looking for a popular product that can be used in both sports and recreation, you might consider printing sports towels. These sports towels are highly sought after, not only because of their functionality, but also because they make fantastic accessories. They can be purchased individually and are available in a wide range of colors. In addition, printing sports towels allows you to use your unique approach to personalization on a piece-by-piece basis, allowing you to stand out...

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