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How can my logo be printed on bath towels?

View the Popular Printed Towels and Beach Towel Printing Options

For all lovers of personal style and quality, we offer a large selection of towels that you can print. From bathroom towels to beach towels, there is something for everyone in our shop. We believe that printed towels are not only functional, but can also be a stylish expression of your personality. With a beach towel printing you can make a statement on the beach this summer.

You can view our popular products and choose the product that suits you best. For example, choose a towel printed with your favorite logo. If you prefer something different, consider our roll-up banners. These are not only handy, but also very stylish. When you order roll-up banners, we can also print your logo on them.

We also have a range of beach towels in our shop. These are perfect for those long summer days by the sea. You can also print them with your favorite logo, making them unique and personal. It is also possible to print our beach towels, giving you even more options for personalization. So what are you waiting for? View our products and make your choice today!

Printed Towels: Popular choice for promotional purposes

One of the most popular choices for promotional purposes is towel printing. This trend is definitely popular for a reason - printed towels are both practical and effective as a promotional item. With the option to have your own logo printed on the towels, you can ensure that your brand receives the necessary attention.

Companies and organizations of all types are increasingly choosing towel printing - from small startups to large multinationals. It's not hard to understand why; In addition to being practical, printed towels also serve as mobile advertising signs. Wherever your customers go, your logo goes with them.

Everyone uses towels, making them a perfect promotional item. Whether it's a towel for home, work or the beach, your customers will be reminded of your brand with every use. Moreover, it is a good idea to print towels because they are durable and long lasting. They last much longer than, for example, flyers or business cards - and are more cost-efficient in the long term.

There are plenty of options when it comes to printing towels. From simple logos to elaborate designs, there's something for every budget and style. In short, when it comes to effective, practical and sustainable promotional items, printed towels are an excellent choice.

Become a leading brand by printing towels for your promotional purposes. Choose towels printed with your logo and let your brand shine!

Bath towels: Discover the benefits of towels with your own name

Bath towels are more than just a bathroom necessity. They can also be a fantastic way to express your own personality or style. Consider towels with your own name on them to add a personal touch to your daily routine. There are plenty of benefits to having towels with your name printed on them. Let's discover them together.

One of the biggest advantages of towels with your own name is recognisability. If you're part of a large family, or live in a shared house, you'll never lose your towels again!

Plus, bath towels with your name on them offer an extra level of luxury and comfort. They give your bathroom space a hotel-like look and enhance the feeling of relaxation and pampering that a warm bath or long shower brings.

However, towels with your own name are not just for home use. They are also a popular choice for business promotion. Towels are everyday essentials that are in constant use, making them an effective way to spread your brand name and message.

In short, whether you want to personalize your own space, easily identify your belongings or promote your business, bath towels with your own name can be the perfect solution for you.

How Bath Towel Printing works: a step-by-step guide

You may be wondering, how does bath towel printing work? It's actually a very simple process. Follow this step-by-step guide for best results. First and foremost, choose the color of the bath towel. You have countless colors to choose from, from classic white to vibrant colors like red, blue or green. Then you choose the design or logo that you want to have printed. This could be your company logo, a personalized message, or just a fun design.

You then send the design to the printing company. It is important to supply the design in the correct resolution and format, so that the print looks sleek and professional. You can also choose where on the bath towel you want your design to be printed. Once everything has been decided, the company will print the towels with your chosen design.

A printed towel is not only functional, but also a great way to promote your brand. Whether you have towels printed for your own business or as a personal gift, a printed towel can be a great addition to any bathroom. Logo printing on towels adds a personal touch and can have a big impact, regardless of the setting.

Comparison of Bath Towels and Hand Towels of Different CM Sizes

In this section we will make a thorough comparison of bath towels and hand towels of different cm sizes. It is important to note that the dimensions of both bath towels and hand towels can vary greatly depending on their purpose. For example, bath towels are often larger in cm and therefore more absorbent than normal towels.

A standard towel can range in size from 30cm to 50cm, while the average bath towel can have an oval shape with widths ranging from 60cm to even 150cm. However, it is not only important to look at the cm dimensions, but also at the quality of the material. A good bath towel should be soft, durable and highly absorbent.

It is also possible to print towels and bath towels with your own desired designs. This provides a great way to personalize your bath towels and hand towels, especially if they are used for promotional purposes. They can also be printed with your name, adding an extra personal touch. For more information on how to print a towel, see our step-by-step guide in the previous section of this article.

Have Printed Towels Personalized for Different Quantities

The ability to have printed towels personalized is great for both businesses and individuals. Personalizing a towel means it suits your unique style, and there's plenty of choice in terms of pieces, no matter how many you need. Whether you run a large company with many employees or you just want to give a handful of friends playful, personalized gifts - it's possible.

There are no strict rules that require you to order a large minimum quantity. Whether you need a few pieces or a few hundred, personalized towels are accessible to everyone. They can be completely tailored to your needs – for example, choosing to have a small quantity printed can be a fun way to add a personal touch to a birthday party or special event.

So you can have printed towels personalized for different numbers of pieces. Maybe you want 5 pieces as a gift for family members, or maybe you need 500 pieces for a promotional event. No matter how many pieces you need, there is always an opportunity to personalize them and spread your brand or message.

Towel Printing: why this is a growing trend

The trend of printing a towel is increasing, but why is that? There are several reasons why printed towels have become a popular choice, especially for promotional purposes. By printing the bath towel, you can convey your company logo, slogan, or even a personalized message, which is a unique way to promote your brand.

Another reason why printing is so growing is because you can personalize the towels with this technique, making them ideal for marketing events. For example, you can have large quantities of items printed with your company logo, making them an instant hit at events and trade fairs. In addition, printed towels also make a fun and unique gift for customers or employees.

There are numerous benefits of towels with your own name, including the fact that they stand out and are easy to recognize. And the process of printing a bath towel is also simple. All you have to do is choose the design, determine the quantity and select the size of the bath towels. The result: beautiful, personalized bath towels that are an excellent way to showcase your brand.

Have towels printed into beach towels

When you think of 'printing', towels don't immediately come to mind, right? But in fact, there is a growing popularity in printing towels and beach towels. Whether you run a business looking for a unique way to promote your brand or simply want your own personalized towels for your home, printed towels are a fantastic option.

There are various printing techniques, making the options for printing towels almost endless. Whether you want a detailed logo or simple text, printing can meet all your needs. The great thing about this is that you can make your towels as traditional or eye-catching as you want.

Moreover, there are also attractive options for beach towel printing. Favorite choices range from childhood favorites to chic designer options. Having a beach towel that is distinguished by unique prints makes it easier to identify your spot on the beach! Whether you choose printed towels or fancy new printed beach towels, there is a huge range of options.

The trend of towel printing is gaining more and more importance and is changing the way people look at their towels. Discover it yourself and you will understand why printing is such a hit!

Printing on Towels: Good promotional items

If you're looking for an effective way to market your business, towel printing is a popular choice. It's a subtle, yet effective way to spread your company motto or logo. Not only are printed towels a perfect business gift, they are also ideal for promotional purposes.

Towels printing is not just a trend, it is a sustainable marketing technique. You'd be surprised how many people appreciate a well-designed towel. Because they are useful and practical, they are taken everywhere: to gyms, swimming pools or even on vacation. Your brand is displayed and spread without people even realizing it.

Don't worry about quality because most companies use high-quality bath towels. You can have the printing done the way you want: do you want your logo, slogan or perhaps the names of your customers or employees? It's all possible. Just make sure you have your prints personalized for different piece quantities so you can compare price and quality.

Printed towels are therefore more than just a bath product. They are a symbol of your company and can help establish a strong brand identity. So what are you waiting for? Discover the many benefits of towel printing today and make this popular choice your next step in effective promotion.

Bath towels: Discover the possibilities

There are numerous advantages to choosing bath towels printed with your own name. First, it gives a sense of ownership and personalization. With your name on your towels, an ordinary towel suddenly becomes a special item. It's your towel, and no one else can claim it. It also ensures that your towels are easy to recognize, for example in a gym or at the pool. No longer the hassle of discovering which towel is yours.

Discovering the benefits of having towels with your own name is not only satisfying, but it can also make a wonderful gift for a friend or family member. It just adds that extra personal touch that makes the gift so special. In addition, the printed bath towels are of high quality. The use of advanced printing technology ensures clear, long-lasting results.

But there are more benefits of choosing printed towels. They are ideal for promotional purposes, which is a popular choice for businesses. With your logo or name on the towels, they become not only practical, but also a powerful marketing tool. So whether you're looking for a personal item or the perfect promotional tool, towel printing offers the perfect solution.

Bath towels with your own print

Many people are curious, how exactly does printing a bath towel work? Well, the bath towel printing process works in a number of steps. Here's a step-by-step guide to understanding the process. First you choose the design that will be printed on the bath towel. Many suppliers offer online platforms where you can upload your designs. You then decide on the dimensions and placement of your print on the bath towel. Here too, suppliers can help, as they often offer different options and recommendations based on their experiences with bath towels of different CM sizes.

Once you are happy with the design, you can continue with the printed embellishment. The supplier will print your design onto the bath towel using a specialist printer. In general, screen printing or transfer printing is used to print bath towels. The chosen process depends on the number of colors in the design and the quantity of towels you want to have printed.

Finally, after the printing process, the bath towels will be further processed. The towels are checked for quality and any errors before they are sent to you. And voila, that's how bath towel printing works!

Different sizes of bath towels

When comparing bath towels with other towels of different cm sizes, there are some noticeable differences you should notice. Bath towels are usually larger in cm compared to other regular towels. This larger cm size makes bath towels ideal for drying your body after a bath or shower. Other towels are usually smaller in cm dimensions and are better suited for drying your hands or face.

But the cm size is not the only comparison you should pay attention to. The fabric quality and print quality of towels can also vary greatly. When printing towels, make sure you choose a reliable supplier that offers high-quality fabrics and printing services. The quality of the printing is especially important when printing bath towels. The prints must be clear, durable and resistant to washing to ensure the longevity of the bath towel.

Finally, with a growing trend in personalized products, including printed towels, you should consider personalizing your bath towels. A personalized towel with your own name can make a stylish statement and also be an excellent gift idea for friends and family.

Towels for all occasions

Towels are an essential item in every household and are also widely used in hospitality, healthcare and other commercial establishments. A growing trend lately is to have these bath towels printed and personalized. Personalizing and printing towels gives a unique touch and helps create a personal or corporate brand. The number of pieces may vary depending on needs and budget.

If you need large quantities of bath towels, for example for a gym or a hotel, printing these towels in large quantities can be a cost-effective solution. Although printing towels in large quantities can be a significant investment initially, the cost per piece can be significantly reduced as the number of units increases.

The opposite is also possible. Maybe you only need a few pieces, for special events or as a personal gift. In this case, printing a small number of pieces could still be a very accessible and affordable option. With advanced technologies and refined printing techniques, towels can now be printed in the most diverse quantities, large or small.

Printed bath towels: A good choice

If you've ever wondered why towel printing is such a growing trend, you're not alone. It is a popular choice that is quickly gaining ground in the promotional world. Printing towels has several advantages. It is an affordable way to promote your brand and can also help create a unique and personalized look. Whether you want towels in different sizes or want a bath towel printed with your own name, there is always an option that suits you.

Companies are increasingly aware of the value of this growing trend. Printing is no longer limited to T-shirts and mugs. Towels can now be printed with company logos, slogans or even personal messages. This makes them an excellent choice for promotional events, awards at corporate events or as unique gifts for customers and employees.

Whether you choose bath towel printing, towel printing in general, or even beach towel printing, you'll find this flexible and versatile method is a great way to showcase your brand. Towel printing is more than a trend, it is an effective way to build and promote your brand.

Hidalgo has more

In addition to printing beach towels, Hidalgo does much more, such as other accessories, other bags, cotton bags, pens and promotional gifts or an umbrella, but also paper bags. The minimum order quantity is stated for each product and of course your logo or text can be printed on all promotional gifts. We also have a separate eco chapter and consider items that are not made of PVC. On our Hidalgo website you can view and view products.

Bags and more

In addition to many other materials, we have a range of paper bags at hidalgo. These paper bags are available in different sizes and we are happy to tell you about all the options.

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