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Which file can I upload my logo?

Which file can you provide? We work with a number of different types of files. We ask for this to guarantee optimal printing.

.Ai ( Adobe Illustrator) or .eps.

An . ai file is the most optimal. This is the program in which most logos are designed. Illutrator works with a vector instead of pixels. This means that you can enlarge and reduce the logo without losing quality. The AI file format is specifically designed to preserve the information of these illustrations so that they can be edited and reformatted without loss of quality.

When you create a design in Adobe Illustrator and save it, the file is often saved with an ".ai" extension, which indicates that it is an Adobe Illustrator file. These files can be shared between different users using Adobe Illustrator software, making it easy to collaborate on graphics projects.

As a result, you may not be able to open this file on your computer or laptop. We have the software to open these files and prepare them for printing.

EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript, and it is a file format commonly used for storing and exchanging vector graphics. The EPS format was developed by Adobe Systems and is based on the PostScript language, which is a page description programming language used for describing images and graphic layouts.

.PDF (Portable Document Format)

A PDF file is a commonly used file format developed by Adobe. It is designed to display documents in a consistent manner regardless of the operating system, hardware or software on which they are viewed.

Developers and graphic designers often save .ai files as .pdf files. This so that if you do not have access to Adobe Illustrator, you can still view the file.

.psd (Adobe Photoshop), big.jpeg or .png

These three file formats work with pixels, which means that the logo cannot be enlarged or reduced without losing quality. Our graphics department can work with large files and convert them into vector files. If you don't have any of the above files, this could work too. The bigger the better. This means that the dpi (resolution) is also high.

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